These boiled frogs I’ve swallowed are jumping inside-
too slimy to catch and too noisy to hide.
Their rib-ribbitty-ribbitt! rattles my bones
and I can’t digest their truth – one I’ve always known!

This rot, this poison, this bubbling within
is brewed two parts rebellion and one part sin.
Now the time has come to resist, to fight!
I’m terrified to my soul that I haven’t the might.

See I’ve known a world so painted in grey
that I’ve taken my anger and locked it away.
I swallowed these vile frogs to eat my voice
because I’ve always felt that I had no choice.

So when the sun rises on the day we stand
I fear I’ll sink deep in the mud of the land.
My voice is so small and muddled with slime –
Could I make a difference? Maybe? This time?