Can’t You See?

Can’t you see I’m broken?
Can’t you taste my putrid disease?
This pea soup I inhale chokes me;
thorny vines squeeze around my heart.

Dare not touch me
as my skin grows ashen.
Dare not kiss
my arsenic-laced lips.

Can’t you see I’m rotten?
Can’t you smell my soul in decay?
I dream of cliffs, gunshots, and drowning;
I wait for the end each hour of the day.

This exquisite mess I’ve become
won’t be shattered by a lover’s lies.
I clean gravedirt from beneath my nails
and watch the doomsday clock tick closer to goodbye.


4 thoughts on “Can’t You See?

  1. OMG. Sounds so scary and strong…. that it was hard to say “I like”. Still it is a good poem – so I had to…even though “depression” is screaming in between the lines. Hope it’s only a poem…

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